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The Only Way is Essex

Ulaanbataar 21st October

I instantly recognise an accent, it is not often that you meet somebody from the UK in Central Asia. Mongolia is a place that is mainly full of adventurers, hikers, trekkers and horse riders. Since it is not part of the Canary Islands then it is hardly surprising that not many people in the UK have even heard of Mongolia. So I was surprised when I heard an accent I was familiar with. Me being quite candid and inquisitive I needed to know where this person was from.

It wasn’t strange that he answered that he was from Essex, it was slightly odd that every time he mentioned the word Essex, he would bring his fist slowly to his forehead and flex his bicep, impersonating an inanimate Greek Philosophical statue. Maybe somebody can explain this new phenomenon to me please, I have been away from the UK for what seems like a long time but in fact it has only been two months. If this is a new type of Cockney Signing Slang then someone should let me know.

If that is the case then what next? Rubbing the eyes and coughing every time you mention Middlesbrough, licking windows every time you mention Newcastle or even stabbing a guy in the Stomach randomly when you mention Glasgow….

I think or rather I hope that this peculiarity is strictly for the unfortunate residents of the Essex constituency. A TV programme once said that the only way is Essex, I agree, so let’s just keep it that way.

Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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Oh no no, you miss understood him mate, he was raising his fist to his head in the universal sign for dick head, I believe all persons from Essex are prone to this. Judging buy the TV programme at least, it seems to be a common affliction in Essex!

by Gaz Moz

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