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Chinese Dog

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Georgetown, Penang – 12th January

Today I had an unexpected and very strange exchange with an elderly Chinese twat. It was early afternoon and I was sat out on the front of my hostel in Georgetown, I had only meant to be in Georgetown for a day or so but this was my fourth day here. I was speaking with Victoria on the phone, catching up on the last day’s shenanigans. The weather here as any day in Malaysia was hot and humid, I had just bought a bottle of ice cold water and was enjoying having something cold to drink.

The street is built up of old white washed colonial style buildings, with front arched terraces each of them with louvers on the windows, most of the buildings have been converted to small guest houses, in others they are working factories filled with printing presses and machine shops. The street is quite narrow so the traffic moves slow, the occasional trishaw, a three wheeler bicycles would pass slowly, some with passengers on board others selling fruits and odds and ends. Idle unemployed people were all about today for some reason, the only other thing constructive I did at that time was by adding to that tally.

A silver people carrier pulled up right in front of me just in front of the terrace, nothing strange about that, the street had been bottlenecked now so the only one trishaw could pass at a time. The driver jumped out and ran into one of the buildings.

I was still on the phone to Victoria when I saw the passenger of the silver carrier open his door ajar, he didn’t step out, he just dropped a drinks carton along with some food wrappers right on the floor. I couldn’t believe it, I still had the phone to my ear as I shouted to the bone idle bastard. I walked up to the car, I opened the door and told the guy to get out. He didn’t need me to tell him what to do next, ‘Pick that up will you.’ I told him anyways, he might need reminding. ‘There is a bin over here’, I stood over him and watched him become very sheepish, he knew that he was a dirty dodgy shitty arsed litter bug. He picked up the litter and I followed him to make sure he did what he was told.

‘Sorry, sorry’ he said, his first attempt to bury his guilt didn’t work, the paper didn’t have enough momentum and didn’t make the bin, so he had to bend down to make it on the second attempt.

‘Hmmm’ I muttered like a disapproving parent.

I escorted him back to his car.

‘Sorry Victoria, what were you saying?’ I still had the phone glued to my ear, we carried on where we left off…

I can probably say that I haven’t managed to teach this old fart anything today other than to make sure no one is looking when you throw your filth on the street.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks and this Chinese man would have probably eaten the dog and threw the bones out the back….

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