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October 2011


Mongolia October 2011

Given that I had met Dave and he had basically put the shits up me, then I was not expecting much more from Mongolia other than cat fights, unprovoked attacks and perhaps a horse if I was lucky. What I soon realised of course that UB is a city that is like any other Central Asian City, it is struggling to cope with the change and the development, combine this with the inability to expand the city due to its geographic limitations, the city is simply becoming more dense. There now exists in Ulaanbaatar Ger Ghettos. Every city has its no go areas but none of them can say that those Ghettos are made entirely of Nomads where their traditions are still practiced but only in addition with the vodka drinking and the petty crimes that the drinking encourages.

Once you get outside of Ulaanbaatar then you see how the country really works. There are very few paved roads in Mongolia. If you were to look at the country, draw a cross, where the two lines meet, that is UB, the 4 lines out of UB are the only roads in Mongolia. To travel in Mongolia you need a Jeep or a Horse and a GPS unit. There are no road signs, there are just dirt tracks that lead to places that you only know about if you are a native to this country. These ‘roads’ take you over volcanic rocks, through forests, over mountains, through lakes, rivers and streams, its no wonder that the Horse is still the most used mode of transport in Mongolia. Mongolia really is the last place on earth where the people are genuinely free on their own land.

Mongolia has about 450,000 tourists per year, compare that to Paris alone, which has 27 million, that is exactly 60 times more tourists in a place that is over 20,000 times smaller than the whole of Mongolia. In a word, Mongolia is vast and is lucky enough to have been bypassed by the overwhelming tourist movement.

Unfortunately though, business is booming, mining is big in Mongolia, they are rich of Copper, Uranium, and Gold, they have one of the biggest copper mines on the planet and they also believe that the Gobi Desert holds billions of tonnes more of the precious metal. Some Mongolians have become very rich very quickly, and with all of this wealth comes development, and with development comes roads, factories, jobs, careers and alternative existences to the nomadic life. Now what I am not saying is that business should be put aside to preserve the unique traditions of the Mongolian nomads, but if you compare Inner Mongolia with Outer Mongolia then you are able to see a clear distinction. With Inner Mongolia lying within China there are only a handful of families living like their former counterparts over the border. Land has been flattened and you get an eerie feeling as you pass through the province. Some cities have even been built, but today there are no residents, ghost towns waiting for a gust of Chinese to inhabit and occupy.

Soon enough in Outer Mongolia business will come, Mongolians will move out of their Gers, they will trade in the Horse for the Hummer and they will get a place in the city.

But since this is all in future tense, lets hope that when it does come that the balance is right, and that nomadic existence is preserved and not just in a fabricated ‘nomadic’ town for tourists to gaze on and take photographs.

Forget about the city Ulaanbaatar, it’s a dump, get out into the vast open outback on a horse but don’t fall off, you’re a long way from any help…

Night time in outermongolia
My mongolian Family
Shamanic Site, sacrifice of a Foal
me and my marra
It isnt a Ger if it doesnt have Sky TV
Camel Ride....
Drinking Fermented Horse Milk, yum...
and he was a little bastard....

Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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Dave the Deer Hunter

sunny 17 °C

Ulan Bator - Mongolia

Id arrived in Ulaanbaatar tired out, the Russian border had taken its toll and I was grateful on getting an early check in at the hostel. I was pleased to see that Jimmy Cranky, Les Dennis and Lionel Richie had followed me and were checked into the same place as me. Great, that was just f*cking great. They wanted to do a tour of the Gobi Desert and asked me to go along with them. Their mere presence was enough to trigger a mild bout of Tourette’s like spasms. The answer was no, I was busy, sorry, the Gobi will have to wait.

So checking into my hostel early was a mild consolation until I realised that the room was being evacuated. The guy in the corner was having a nasal thunder storm and had been all night apparently. People were moving out, changing rooms, anything to get out of the room, and I was just about to make it my home for the next few days. I wanted a bed to lie in and I had it, that’s all that really mattered to me at this point.
Of course soon enough the room was empty, me and the Thunderstorm in the corner were good company.

He woke up and I didn’t make an attempt to make conversation, I was still hallucinating from lack of sleep, but somehow we managed to begin speaking. This guy was called Dave, and Dave was from Kansas. This guy was on edge, and I mean really on edge. I don’t know what Kansas puts into their water but I would bet that this guy had a homemade nuclear bunker in his back yard, with 2 months’ supply of spam buried in his garden next to the nuclear moon suit and the double barrelled shot gun. I had heard that Ulaanbaatar was quite a dangerous and violent place to visit and you had to be quite careful, but I had heard that about every single city that I was visiting and I was beginning to bore of it. I was still a little bit anxious about UB, most people travelling the reverse root of the Trans-Siberian did have something quite negative to say about UB, and the message was clear about being careful. So when good old Dave woke up and started giving it to me both barrels then I decided that night that I would not leave the hostel.

‘As soon as you get out of this hostel man, those beady little eyes will be looking at you, keep on your toes man, you need to be ready for it, they’ll be on you straight away, just watch out for yourself, keep your guard up.’ His eyes stared right through mine and seemed to get bigger, he had lost some control and was raging while he was gobbing off. He was stood up at this point, his arms were throwing punches, he was cupping his fist in his other palm. He wasn’t a big guy, built like a football spectator rather than a player. He wore a baseball cap and khaki trousers. He looked like the kind of guy would decorate his caravan with his personally murdered animal skulls with dressed eyes seemingly still all alive and innocent, proud as punch, “this guy(pointing to a dead antelope), I shot straight in the ass with a Ruger 77Mk .308 caliber, I waited for two days before it dropped dead, I was stuck up in that tree for 15 days, what a great time man, great days…”

He carried on with enthusiasm… ‘Man, just where you are staying, in that bed, some Mongolian dude walked right into this hostel and took this guys laptop, right where your sat dude. Plain as day”

That was it, I was not playing out tonight.

I wanted to know more, but didn’t at the same time “And some Australian dude, big guy he was as well, yeah man, broad daylight, those bastards tried to rob him of his bag, he kicked them so this punk ran at him with a corkscrew, cut into his forearm pretty bad man, shit that cut was deep man, he had to go to China for surgery on that.”

His eyes were thumping and ready to jump out of their sockets, he was getting more animated. He was winding himself up. I was just watching this ticking time bomb and he was about to explode. Dave though, he was ready for them, he wasn’t going to take any shit from anyone.

‘And don’t get a taxi, man this fucker ripped me off, took me somewhere out in the sticks man, then tried to charge me double, I threw the money at him and I slammed that door as hard as I could man, then I Judo kicked that door man,’ he was on his feet and he went through the whole scene again. ‘you should have seen the dent in the door man, he got more than he bargained for. The guy went wild man, but hey, you need to teach these fuckers that they don’t mess with tourists ey’ I'm sorry but this guy was on his own. I was finished, but he was just getting ready for his finale.

He started on his feet…. He put his back pack on, he wanted to show me something. He had both his hands placed on top of his shoulder straps and was just beginning.

‘You know this guy, he started pointing at me, you know, like saying all kinds of crap being all aggressive, shit man so what do I do, SLAM!!!’

HE HAD A KNIFE, he had snapped it out of its holder and it was pointing at me. It was in my face in a second, I was still trembling from the last stories, where the f*ck had that come from. My eyes were rolling back into my head. The only thing I could think of was the quickest way into China…..

Maybe it was just coincidence, but when I got the courage to leave the hostel, the first person that approached me wanted money, I was 15ft from the hostel, then when I found somewhere to eat I noticed that some Mongolian ‘lady’ had walked into the restaurant, she looked like she had just been dragged through a skip, her hair in knots, her shoes with holes in…. Mindful of what I had been told I took my napkin and tried to make something dangerous out of it, all I could think of was a Seg, I could wet it with gob and throw it at her forehead, giving me an opportunity to flee. I wasn’t going to get fooled by this Mongolian, she was dangerous. As she approached I got ready to fire, a woman from the kitchen came out, there were some Mongolian words and then there were some slaps, some spitting and some harsh language. I had been in UB for 4 hours and I had I had left the hostel for the first time. Time to go back and book my ticket out of here I think……

Did Dave kill this poor fellow?
What about this Deadmau5, did Dave Kill this poor creature?
He killed this fine animal and even dressed the thing up.... that guy is sick man.....
Dave, go to Kansas, do not pass Go and do not collect £200, and stay out of Mongolia

Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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The Only Way is Essex

Ulaanbataar 21st October

I instantly recognise an accent, it is not often that you meet somebody from the UK in Central Asia. Mongolia is a place that is mainly full of adventurers, hikers, trekkers and horse riders. Since it is not part of the Canary Islands then it is hardly surprising that not many people in the UK have even heard of Mongolia. So I was surprised when I heard an accent I was familiar with. Me being quite candid and inquisitive I needed to know where this person was from.

It wasn’t strange that he answered that he was from Essex, it was slightly odd that every time he mentioned the word Essex, he would bring his fist slowly to his forehead and flex his bicep, impersonating an inanimate Greek Philosophical statue. Maybe somebody can explain this new phenomenon to me please, I have been away from the UK for what seems like a long time but in fact it has only been two months. If this is a new type of Cockney Signing Slang then someone should let me know.

If that is the case then what next? Rubbing the eyes and coughing every time you mention Middlesbrough, licking windows every time you mention Newcastle or even stabbing a guy in the Stomach randomly when you mention Glasgow….

I think or rather I hope that this peculiarity is strictly for the unfortunate residents of the Essex constituency. A TV programme once said that the only way is Essex, I agree, so let’s just keep it that way.

Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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