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Free Walking Tour?

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Vilnius – 11th September

When does a free walking tour cost you nothing? Never, or at least not when you are in Vilnius. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and I wasn’t daft enough to think that a free tour would be without the obligatory exchange of currency. Whilst I was naturally doubtful about the ‘free’ aspect of this tour, I guess that I was rather naïve to believe that a free tour might actually be worth a portion of the limited time I had in Vilnius.

We were a sorry group of men, made up of nomadic characters that happened to be in Vilnius and had, like me, wanted to learn about the history of this city, the architecture, but for me personally I wanted to know about the occupation of Russia and how it compared with the German ‘liberation’ and now that Lithuania had gained its independence what was left of the country. What was the Russian occupation like, and how did it feel when the Germans ‘liberated’ Lithuania only for them to begin their anti-Semitic policy, their propaganda and the mass annihilation of a race. How does the Lithuanian person feel to this day about all of this?

Our ‘Tour Guides’ were two sisters who were studying in the City, you couldn’t tell but Helga the smaller of the two was 14, she had already bore 4 children was working 15 jobs and her sister Klishnikov was still in school and was learning to be an exotic dancer, their parents, they were proud to announce were also their aunt and uncle, I didn’t get that one, but hey, any port in a storm?
Highlights of the tour included:

1. Standing atop a concrete hut to get a vantage point of the town. Vantage point looked and smelt like the unofficial local toilet/hangout.
2. Pointing to a sign and reading it aloud to us word for word, it was already in English.
3. Walking to various landmarks, pointing and telling us useless information “This is the town hall, you can rent the room out in here for parties.” Oh really? “This is a famous church in Vilnius, the rich and famous come here to christen their children.” Marvelous!!
4. The traditional Lithuanian dance, oh man, that was embarassing!! See video.
5. Needless to say they dropped us off at a tourist restaurant where they said the food was delicious and declared, “That is it, the tour is over.”

Questions were a bit pointless and I gathered that within the first minute.

But of course, I'm English, and what do English do? Nothing, and that is true, so I kept my mouth shut, put my hand in my pocket and said what a great tour it was, I gave her the equivalent of £4.00 enough to feed her and her incestuous family for the next seven months. Next time I will read a book.

Oh and by the way, i had a shave, contrary to popular belief, looking like a vagrant is not my style, rather a well manicured Crustie




Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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Vilnius Anybody?

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Vilnius – 10th - 13th September

Hands up who has heard of Vilnius? Nobody right? Some interesting facts that I have picked up about Vilnius that I thought I would share:

1. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania
2. Basketball is played by people outside of the US
3. Lithuanians love Basketball, I mean proper love it
4. Vilnius hosted a basketball party weekend whilst I was there, that was nice of them
5. The old town is a UNESCO world heritage site.
6. It is ridiculously cheap here but the price of a Hugo Boss shirt is still the same
7. Lithuanian food is shocking, they really know how to kill a potato
8. Lithuanians only natural resource is women
9. Lithuania has a terrible train network
10. Do you remember the story about some mad major of an Eastern European city that took a tank and drove over some cars because he was sick of the residents’ poor parking? Well hello Vilnius and hello crack pot mayor.

It is also a very small world, I shared a room in a hostel with Toby who I knew from London years ago when he was drumming with Dustins Barmitzva. Naturally we shared a few drinks.

Here are some pretty pictures, with a video of this crack pot mayor!!

Cold beetroot soup, with 4 potatoes

potato zeplins? Soggy with fat with some disgusting meat in the middle

Potato pancakes, see the recurring theme...


Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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