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Warsaw to Vilnius

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Warsaw to Vilnius – 10th September

The idea of travelling along the land being lazily dragged around on a comfortable train has had me anxious but yet excited for the last 4 months or so. I was going to see the world at a leisurely pace, I was going to see the transition between one country rather than land in some country, 8 hours from Heathrow anybody could be your next door neighbour. Don’t think that I am a train buff, but I do enjoy the comfort of a train. The first half of my journey from Warsaw to Vilnius, Lithuania was great, a cabin on my own until it became slightly cramped with the unwelcome invasion by the only two morbidly obese women in Poland.

I had to change at Sestokai, and this is where the fun began. Imagine a journey through the back waters of Lithuania on a train that is built by Tonka Trucks, with a suspension so hard I could feel the rail track smack my arse every minute. The train was leaning dangerously to the right, and on some corners when he nearly hit 30mph I could almost touch the ground. It squeaked, bounced, croaked, the only rest bite I had was when the damn thing stalled at every station.

I think if I had of at least known how long the journey would have been then I would have made the most of it, instead I was on high alert for the entire journey, ‘is this my stop?’, ‘Do I need to get off here?’, ‘Will my stop be next?’, I couldn’t ask anybody, they were either drunk or aged old farmers that had been out picking mushrooms. I had learnt that nobody spoke English outside of the main cities, and they are quite resistant to help. Repeating what you said slowly and louder is pointless, I tried that a few times already, and you might as well be talking gibberish. If I had of known that it would have been 4 hours then I don’t think the ride would have been any more comfortable, only I wouldn’t have been living in expectation of my stop. Instead, we bounced through Lithuanian countryside, picking up farmers and drunks and dropping them off in fields and breweries.

I landed in Vilnius battered and bruised. The bus from Warsaw on the other hand takes less time and only costs 3€. What was I going to do with that information? In Eastern Europe I will be recommending the bus.



Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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My Marra's

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Warsaw - 9th September

Buzzing, I have been in Warsaw for only a few hours and I’ve already met some great guys, they can’t speak much English but they know how to party…..

Meet Zultski, Borski, Petrovski, Vladmirski


Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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Berlin to Warsaw

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Berlin to Warsaw – 9th September 09:40 – 15:27

“I came by train to see the world and all I saw was grass”

You know when you are in Poland, it’s like a smack in the face devolution rather than a steady deterioration. Everybody is walking around with that hereditary flat head syndrome and look at you suspiciously; and I don’t have a zlot…

Off to Warsaw now thank you, just a quick stopover enroute to Vilnius, Lithuania.




Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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