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Batak Dreams

rain 18 °C

Ive jumped ahead of myself here so that i can share with you a moment i have had recently in Sumatra.

I along with a Dutch couple had intended on visiting a coffee plantation that specialised in Luwak Coffee, the ride was to take about 4 hours on a motorbike and was to take us through a Jungle road normally reserved for logging trucks and little else.

Enroute through the Jungle we got caught up in a spell of torrential rain so we had to take cover in a small shack, a wooden building that had to be the Indonesian version of a service station. So we stayed there and played cards for nearly 3 hours while the rain flooded the roads.

In the hut we met an Indonesian who spoke a little English, we ended up naming this guy Mr Movie.

Mr Movie shared with us his Videos of himself singing on the roads of the Jungle. He sent me it through good old Bluetooth (havent used bluetooth for years!). I promised that i would upload this to YouTube... of course i would, this was too good to miss...

So please enjoy Mr Movie singing on the Jungle road in Sumatra...

Mr Movie ended up showing us to the coffee plantation, he stayed for a cup of coffee, then he stayed and had dinner with us, then he stayed and drank turak with us, and then he stayed the night.... When we left in the morning, Mr Movie was stood there waving us off from a house that he had never been to, nor had he even known the people of the house until the night before....

Such is the way in Indonesia....

Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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Mongolian Throat Singing

sunny 20 °C

This one is for David and Georgina, and Bob, who tried very hard, but was no good at Throat singing!!!!

Mongolia is famous for a lot of things, in particular its throat singing, in fact the region of Tuva (Russia) is where the most of it started. They use a two string instrument which is called a morin khuur, and some kind of traditional harp, and the star of the show is able to use his throat to produce some more than one tone simultaneously.

While i was in Karakoram, Mongolias ancient capital, i got the chance to see it, after having a go at it in Ronda, Spain with David, Georgina, and Bob!!!

This song was about a Camel.......

THis song is about a horse...

me and the man...

Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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