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Japanese Toilets

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Japanese Toilets

One thing that I have realised is that I seem to have a fascination with toilets and the different types of clap traps that I have seen throughout my journey. So far there has to be only one country that wins the ‘Best Shit House’ awards, and that country has to be Japan. Japan is a lot of things but Toilet Champion it will remain until Mongolia drags itself out of Nomadic hibernation and buys the first musical toilet with heated seat.


1. Heated Seats for that ‘Somebody has just been on here feeling!’
2. Speaker System to emit those pre-recorded flushing sounds for those times when you need noise to conceal your toilet murmurs
3. Odorising mist sprays to quench your foul smell
4. Water jet with variable pressures, and joystick control to position the High Pressure wash where appropriate
5. Automatically Opening and Closing Lids
6. Water saving option, fill up your cistern and wash your hands at the same time…

Many times I spent longer pissing about with the controls than actually doing my business.

So well done Japan…. You have achieved the best shit house award 2011!!!

From this.........
And this.....

to this.....




Once again, well done Japan, your the greatest!!

Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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Monglian Toilet Business

sunny 16 °C

Mongolia – Friday 14th October

Shit Houses

You thought the toilets at Glastonbury were bad? Well I have news for you Glastonbury goers. I have been to Glastonbury and I have managed to survive the stench bog pits in which the crusties make contemporary art exhibitions out of their own ecosystem waste-streams. The only thing that keeps you going when you’re in Glastonbury is knowing that this state of being is temporary. You know that come Monday, although you’ll not feel too good, too much apple cider and too little sleep, you know that once you get your car pulled out of the mud by a tractor, after the 10 hour wait to get out of the car park, followed by the 7 hour ride back home, you know that you can take a nice shower and use a nice toilet. This nice toilet of yours has running water and you don’t have to hold your breath, just imagine it. You can just sit back and procrastinate, maybe read last year’s April addition of Hello Magazine. That lavender potpourri, the ambient lighting, why not even have a little power nap?

Well, welcome to Mongolia people, and may I please introduce you to the Nomadic Mongolian Toilet.


These hygienic shit houses are found typically about 300 meters away from a nomadic family Ger camp, but you can also find them inside Monasteries or just outside of fast food outlets . If you ned the toilet just follow your nose, you wont be too far away from one. They are as basic as they come, a bloody big hole dug in the ground with some coarse boarding to protect what little pride you might have left. If you can’t find one of these then your out of luck. Mongolia is vast, really vast, and in some places it is really flat with not even a tumble weed to protect your vanity. You have to learn to go ‘au-natural’ pretty quickly in Mongolia.

Could you imagine what it would be like to have to use these family clap traps in -30 degree temperatures? How would Gerard Depardieu do it? I'm with Frenchy. Either way, it’s going to take a lot to convince me that there aren’t better ways to drop the kids off in the dead of night.

Bring out the good old bed pan.


Article By David Beattie of Rounton Coffee

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